Tuesday, 16 August 2011


Once upon a time a competition was held to determine which country's chief crab catcher had the best crabs in the world. A chief crabs’ examiner was appointed to lead a team of international crab inspectors for the competition which was held at a big stadium in a country somewhere in the world.

The inspection team went round, first to the Ivorian stand where the Ivorian master crab catcher opened his barrel to showcase his crabs. The crustaceans started rushing up in a desperate bid to escape from the basket. The examiner awarded marks and hastily replaced the lid on the basket. The same thing happened at the Nigerian stand, the British stand, the Chinese stand and the Croatian stand.

Gradually, the examining party made its way to the Ghana stand where the Ghana chief crab catcher received them and took the lid off the basket. No crabs scrambled out. The Ghana crabs lay very quietly at the bottom of the basket barely moving. The puzzled international crab inspectors asked the Ghana crabs boss what he had done to keep his crabs so docile.

 Me? He asked throwing his arms wide open. I haven’t done anything to them.

When one of them starts to climb up the others gang up and pull him down. After several times trying they all give up and lie still at the bottom of the basket.


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