Sunday, 27 January 2013

Aftermath of Accident on the Spintex Road

The picture you see here is what remains of a ghastly accident Saturday evening on the Spintex Road in Accra. It was preventable. A truck with a long trailer had been parked on the road for weeks, according to witnesses. There was no waring of any sort on a road that is notorously dark at night.

On Saturday night a tro-tro minibus ploughed straight into the trailler of the parked truck and three people died on the spot, according to witnesses I spoke to.

Today, the truck has been towed away. Could it not have been towed away all those weeks? And look at this: after towing away the truck and the wrecked bus they left this dangerous debris on the road. Tonight a motorcyclist or even a small vehicle will run onto the stone and glass; disaster will ensue then it will be swept away. That is how things are done here.


  1. I find it difficult to understand why drivers and traffic police and drivers in Ghana cannot ensure that broken down vehicles are towed away and parked at safer sections of the road. It is common to see broken down vehicles left in the middle of the road, sometimes without warning signs or mechanics working on them there. Such vehicles should be towed away and their owners fined and made to pay for towing services.

  2. Is there a hospital on Spintex called Synit Medical Hospital?